So you found your dream mobile home. Now what?

Deciding on a Home


The first step is always to decide on a home. Make sure to think about following factors when brainstorming:

1. How much space do I need?

2. What suits my budget?

3. What areas work for me?

4. What features are important?

5. What time is right for making the move?

Think about this and other factors carefully. Then decide what you want and talk to a agent to begin looking. Also, browse the internet for information and even drive-by different communities to narrow down what you want!

Financing Options


How you will pay for your new home is obviously one of the largest factors, and a cash payment is not a viable option for most. The next step is to seek out a loan to see what you qualify for. Here are a few basic steps.

1. Get an estimate of what kind of deposit you could put down.

2. Gather all pertinent financial information, especially relating to income, and have it ready.

3. Apply with a lender! Don’t know any? No worries, just ask us! We know more than a few that can give you some great options.

Apply with a Park

 All mobile home parks require an application for you to move in, regardless of whether or not you have an accepted offer to purchase one. This is actually the easiest part of the process. Just go to the mobile home park you desire to move to and ask them for an application to apply for moving into the park. Fill out the application and see if you get approved. Some parks may require an application fee, so be prepared to pay for that, as well as provide income information and residential history depending on the park. 

Submitting an Offer

You’re loan has been approved, the park of your choice has accepted your application. Now it is time to put in an offer. With your agent, choose the home you like. Work with your agent to decide what to offer, then submit! With the right offer, you should have no problem getting the home of your desires!

What Inspections To Do

This will be on a case by case basis, but depending on the home you are purchasing, you may want to consider requesting certain inspections. Some of these may include a termite inspection or even home inspection . Be sure to discuss with your Realtor.


For the majority of deals, you will put down an ‘earnest money deposit’. This will be held by the impartial third-party which is escrow until the deal closes. This protects you and the seller from any monies being misused while the transaction is being processed and eventually closed. Escrow may also work with lenders to assure that insurance and property taxes are all paid and up to date when the deal closes.